I Allow Myself To Be Still

by Katie Bock

I Allow Myself To Be Still

This mantra is so cool because it’s a mantra that gives you permission. We often think that we can’t do something and when we begin the mantra with “I allow” we are giving ourselves permission to do whatever it is and it’s just such a powerful thing to remember that you can give your self permission to do anything. Stillness is often miss conceived as no movement, as nothingness and that is not what stillness is.  We need stillness to observe ourselves, to recharge, to integrate, to reset. Use this mantra today, tomorrow any day you need to to give yourself permission to slow down, to calm down and define some stillness in your life.

If you’re not quite sure what stillness is or how to even get still check out Thursday’s video on the power of stillness. I will give you some great tips and ideas on how to get still and why you want to.


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Mantras are powerful tools to transform your thoughts. Whenever you need, use them! I Allow Myself To Be Still is giving you permission to be still which encourages the mind to slow down.


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