I Allow Myself to Feel What Comes Up

by Katie Bock

I Allow Myself to Feel What Comes Up.

This is an affirmation to say everyday! Yes every single day. The purpose of this affirmation is to remind you its okay to feel and to allow yourself to feel what comes up for you in the moment. Its easy to push aside the emotions we label as negative because we don’t want to feel them. In reality avoiding it doesn’t make it go away, it only bottles it up to explode later. Life is not all feeling good, there are times when sadness and anger and fear have purpose. Use this affirmation to bring an open mindset to replay live life. To feel is to live, if you stop yourself from feeling are you really living?

**Short meditation at the end of the video **


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Take a screenshot and share this powerful mantra with the world! Remind others to feel the full spectrum of emotions as they come up.


I Allow Myself to Feel What Comes Up

Mantras are powerful tools to transform your thoughts. Whenever you need, use them! I allow myself to feel what comes up is a powerful reminder that is okay to feel a full spectrum of emotions and it encourages you to feel them as they come.


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