I Am a Dreamer Yoga Sequence

by Katie Bock


I Am A Dreamer YOGA INFOGRAPH-2.png

Dreaming big and bringing that dream to life has much to do with your energy and intention behind the dream itself. If you doubt the possibility of your dream it will be harder to bring it to life. This flow is about stepping into the powerful energy within you and dreaming big without doubt.

In this practice you will discover your power, begin to release your limiting beliefs and dream those big wild dreams. Connect to your heart and trust in the dream you dream to come true.

I myself am a dreamer of big dreams and I use this sequence to get out of my head and into my heart to remember the power within me and to potential for my dreams. Making dreams come true is all about knowing your hearts true desire, believing in your worth, trusting and taking aligned action. This sequence opens you up to all of those things. I recommend practicing it everyday for a week.

Hang Out in Each Pose for 10-15 breaths.

Goddess Pose– Tap Into Your Power

Mountain Pose (hands over the heart) – Connect to Your Heart Center

Ragdoll Fold – Release Limiting Beliefs

Plank to Cobra to Child’s Pose to Downward Dog– Get Your Energy Moving

Repeat Plank to Downward Dog 3 times.

Downward Dog (Grab Opposite Ankle) – Get Grounded in the Moment

Downward Dog – Focus on Your Breath

Puppy Pose – Open Up to the Possibility

Child’s Pose – Commit to Your Dream

Thunderbolt with Hands at Forehead Center – Imagine & Visualize

Thunderbolt with Arms Open Wide – Trust & Allow Your Dream to Come True

I Honor the Light & Shadow Within You,

Katie B.

PS. You can always modify plank by dropping your knees to the mat and thunderbolt can always be a comfortable seat. 🙂


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