I Cleanse Myself Of All…

by Katie Bock

I Cleanse Myself of All Resentment,Jealousy, Guilt and Pain, and Welcome Trust, Acceptance, Empowerment and Love.

A long mantra for sure and one that holds true power. Sometimes we hold onto these heavy emotions when they are not serving us. It’s true you need to acknowledge these emotions when they come, it’s also true that holding onto them when they no longer serve our healing weighs you down. This mantra asks you to cleanse those heavy emotions that are not serving you and to welcome fresh inspired emotions to lift you up. You can say this mantra anytime of day, anytime you need to encourage yourself to release heavy emotions and welcome some feel good feelings.

**Short meditation at the end of the video **


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I Cleanse Myself of...

Mantras are powerful tools to transform your thoughts. Whenever you need, use them! I cleanse myself of all resentment, jealousy, guilt and pain, and welcome trust, acceptance, empowerment and love encourages you to release heavy emotions and welcome a refreshing inspiring feeling.


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