Importance of Getting Grounded Plus 3 Ways to Get Grounded

by Katie Bock

Importance of Getting Grounded

Plus 3 Ways to Get Grounded

Getting ground can mean a few different things. Today I am talking about getting grounded in reality. Its so easy to get caught up in worries of the future and fear from the past because we don’t ground into the moment. When you get grounded in reality it helps to lift the heaviness from your shoulders and it will become easier to breathe, to move and to be. Stay in chaos doesn’t help you. Getting grounded in reality helps you navigate with a clear, calm mind.


This week I challenge you to notice when you are feeling not ground or in other words notice when you need to get grounded. Then practice getting grounded when you need it. And become aware of the difference I makes. At first it may be harder, as you take the time to get grounded it will become natural.

Shareable Quotes

“Getting grounded actually helps you release the weight and heaviness so you can come into a space of feeling light.”

-Katie Bock

“Your breath is a really simple and powerful tool you can use in any moment.”

– Katie Bock

“A lot of our worry and our stress builds up because we are floating in another space, another time.”

– Katie Bock

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