There is this magical space within you that glows.  Sometimes when life happens that glow gets blocked…

You already have everything you need within you to clear those blocks and align with your inner glow.  You just need someone to teach you how to access and heal that glow.  Are you ready to discover the magic within you and heal YOURSELF?

Learn how to heal YOUR glow and

How YOU can help others heal their glow

The Infinite Glow Course focuses on giving you the knowledge and the tools to heal the prana (life force) with you and possibly help others do the same.
Energetic Blocks happen, they are a part of life and they show up in fear, overwhelm, feeling stuck, lack of motivation and so on…. The thing is you have the ability to heal those blocks and create space for a flowing life force.
This is why I created this course for you to access the glow within and if you feel called to, to help others access their glow as well. 

This is What You Will Experience
Through Infinite Glow

You will go from knowing energy is a thing to understanding the why, how and what of energy plus how to heal your energy
You will gain knowledge about the chakras, nadis and aura
Your yoga and meditation practice will expand as you understand how to incorporate energy healing into your daily practices
Your understanding will transform beyond just knowledge and actually learning the tools to use to heal your energy and others.
You will know what practices are important for energy healing
You will discover how trauma is stored in the body and gain a deeper understanding of how to heal trauma on an energetic level
Not knowing how to make a crystal grid that serves you is in the past; you will walk away knowing exactly what crystals you need to use!
No more guessing about chakras or auras you will learn how to read them!
Through the Infinite Glow course you will take your intuition to the next level as you upgrade your energetic abilities

We Kick off Live Sessions on July 13th!

You Get Official Access to Modules 1, 2 & 3 on July 1st!

I am offering a select group of individuals the opportunity to join Infinite Glow at a special rate for ONLY this session plus gain access to me, receive support and learn how to align and flow energetically.

This is an Amazing Opportunity to be a Founding Member of the Infinite Glow Community.  An opportunity that only happens once! 

I trust that YOU are here for a reason and that Infinite Glow is what you have been looking for.  If you want to heal yourself or help others heal or both this is a course to teach you energetic healing and so much more.

Space is Limited, Grab Your Founders Spot Today!

Let the energy and magic flow…

Is Infinite Glow Right For ME?

You understand a little about energy and want to learn more.
You want to be able to heal your energy and expand your life force
You know you are blocked and want to clear your energetic system
You want to learn more about crystals and auras
You would like to expand your yoga and meditation practice with energy healing
You are interested in the chakras and want to understand them
You are a coach or teacher and want to add to your sessions
You have an interest in helping others heal

If you said yes to any of these, Infinite Glow is for YOU!

“Everyone gets blocked, its part of the human experience.  The magical thing is you have the power to heal your blocks.”

-Katie Bock

Infinite Glow Modules

Module 1 – The Why, How & What
Module 2 – Energetic Anatomy
Module 3 – Important Energy Healing Practices
Module 4- Crystal Reiki Level 1 & Crystal Grids
Module 5 – Crystal Reiki Level 2 & Working with Color
Module 6 – Crystal Reiki Level 3 & Application
Module 7 – Pranayama (Breath), Yoga & Meditation
Module 8 – Guidelines for Working with Others: Going Beyond Self-Healing

Live Training Dates

Tuesdays 6pm-8pm EST
July 13th
July 20th
July 27th
August 3rd
August 10th

Everything is recorded and accessed inside the Infinite Glow Portal.

**You will have forever access.**

Self-Healer Track

For someone who wants to...

Certification Track

For someone who wants to...
**In both tracks you will become a Crystal Reiki Master**

Required Materials (Not Included)

7 single-terminated Clear Quartz Crystal Points (these may be natural or cut and polished, but they must be single-terminated)
1 Crystal Heart (your choice of stone)

*If you are unsure where or how to get the materials please reach out and Katie will assist you*


⭐️This is the only time ever to become a founding member and receive these special rates!!⭐️


Founding Member Special




Founding Member Special




Founding Member Special

2 Payments of $444


Please reach out to Katie with any questions

Upon completion of the certification track of Infinite Glow you will receive 20 CEU hours for Yoga Alliance.

⭐️Certification Requirements⭐️

*Summit a session plan

*5 practice sessions

*1 Practice Session with Group