The Difference Between Your Intuition And Ego

by Katie Bock

The Difference Between Your Intuition And Ego

Your intuition is there to guide you in every moment. Yet sometimes its hard to know what your intuition is saying and what your ego is saying. While your intuition speaks from love and your ego from fear its not always simple to know the difference. In the video I share some ways to tell the difference plus practices to connect with your intuition and strengthen your intuitive muscle. It is truly amazing to be guided by your soul and that is your intuition! The more you listen and trust your intuition the stronger it gets and the easier it will be to trust it.


This week I challenge you to connect to your intuition. Find some quiet time or start journaling, whatever you can do for 5 to 10 minutes and get in touch with your intuition. Start discovering the difference between your intuition and your ego.

Shareable Quotes

“The ego is there to protect you. That also means the ego sits in fear. Your intuition sits in love.”

-Katie Bock

“Your intuition gives you one solid answer from the heart’s desire.”

– Katie Bock

“Intuition doesn’t give you a reason, it just says this is it.”

– Katie Bock



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