I Release The Need To Control

by Katie Bock

I Release The Need To Control.

Too often we try to control what happens around us; people, events, outcomes. This need to control comes from fear and in reality we only have control over ourselves. So trying to control everything only puts pressure on you and brings stress. This mantra helps you release the need to control and step into a place of trust and flow which will reduce your stress and take some of that pressure off your shoulders. I myself have struggled with control in the past and it still occasionally effects me. The thing is though, the moment I stopped trying to control everything and just made the choice to flow and adjust as I needed life became simpler and I felt free. Use the mantra to help you simplify into feeling free!


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Mantras are powerful tools to transform your thoughts. Whenever you need, use them! I release the need to control helps you feel less pressure and step into the flow of life…


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