I Set Clear Intentions and Release All Attachments

by Katie Bock

I Set Clear Intentions and Release All Attachments.

A great affirmation to use anytime you are setting an intention. It could be everyday, once a year or anywhere in between. Its so important to be clear with your intentions and to release your attachments to that intention. This affirmation encourages just that! Your intentions are powerful. Its also true you can block intentions from coming to life when you are unsure or unclear about the intention itself and when you attach yourself to specific ways to “achieve” the intention or a certain outcome. Using this affirmation helps you clear your mind and get real about your intention. Clarity and non-attachment multiple the power of your intentions 10 fold. Every time you are setting an intention say this affirmation out loud or to yourself and get into the mindset that will enhance the power of your intention.


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I Set Clear Intentions

Mantras are powerful tools to transform your thoughts. Whenever you need, use them! I set clear intentions and release all attachments guides you into a power intention setting mindset. It helps you get clear on your intentions and release attachments so nothing blocks the intention.


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