I Stand In Truth & Express Myself With Courage

by Katie Bock

I Stand In Truth & Express Myself With Courage.

Express yourself is so important to staying in alignment and living a life you love. Sometimes its hard to stay true and express yourself. Sometimes its easier to be secretive and hidden. This mantra invites you to express yourself with courage. It is very powerful to start your day with this mantra as it helps you to be in the mindset of your truth, staying true to yourself and expressing that truth. Use this mantra to guide you in your expression, encourage confidence in yourself and be true to you.

**Short meditation at the end of the video **


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I Stand In Truth and Express Myself With Ease

Mantras are powerful tools to transform your thoughts. Whenever you need, use them! I stand in truth and express myself with courage asks you to be true to yourself and express your needs, wants and desires with confidence.


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