I Surrender My Worries And Step Into Peace

by Katie Bock

I Surrender My Worries And Step Into Peace.

Worry happens, it does. Our mind likes to make us think and at times overthink, its one of its ways to protect us. We can be mindful and aware without worry though and still have all the protection we need. This mantra is all about stepping back into your inner peace. Worry does not solve anything or prevent anything from happening, so why sit in it. Use this mantra to encourage yourself to surrender those worries and stand in your peace. Peace is powerful. Within your peace you can discover the answers your worries are hiding fro you. This is a mantra to say in the morning, evening and anytime you need the mindset jumpstart throughout the day.


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I Surrender My Worries And Step Into Peace

Mantras are powerful tools to transform your thoughts. Whenever you need, use them! I surrender my worries and step into peace guides you to let your worries melt away and stand in a feeling of ease.


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