It is Safe For Me To Ask For Help

by Katie Bock

It is Safe For Me To Ask For Help.

This mantra is super powerful because asking for help can be hard and sometimes you really need the help. Saying this mantra helps to rewire your mind into understanding it is okay to ask for help. It would be great to say this in the morning time so when ever you need help you are ready to ask, especially on a day when you know you have a lot to do. Really you could use this mantra when you need help yet are afraid to ask, just repeat it to yourself several times working up the courage to ask for help. Use this mantra when you need it and ask for help! There is nothing wrong with asking for help, it can actually be considered a form of self-care.

**Short meditation at the end of the video **


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It Is Safe for Me To Ask for Help

Mantras are powerful tools to transform your thoughts. Whenever you need, use them! It is Safe For Me To Ask For Help encourages you to ask for help when you need it which can be hard sometimes. This mantra is there to make it easier by reminding you its is safe and okay to ask for help.


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