Living in the Moment Yoga – 8 Minutes

by Katie Bock

Living in the Moment Yoga

with Katie Bock

Its easy to miss out on life when you are stuck in the past or planning for the future. Living is in the now. This practice is about bringing you into the moment, into your body and encouraging you to actually live.

Memories and plans are great. It is also important to live your life as it comes to you. When you are reliving a moment from the past are you really truly living? When you are planning every moment of the future are you actually even living? The answer is no.

Remember you memories, make your plans and also live your life! Use you breath to help you stay present throughout your moments. Living truly living with inspire less stress, less frustration and less overwhelm. Become mindful, present in your moments and live!

Enjoy this 8 minute practice!

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