Womens Mastermind

Do you just keep feeling stuck?

Are you struggling to live a life you love?

Stressed? Overwhelmed? Frustrated?

Never enough time?

No idea who you are anymore?

Do you want to step into authentic alignment? Soul alignment?

Do you want to reset your mindset?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions. This mastermind is for you!


Taking on the world seems to run in the blood of women. And when you don’t fit the outline of who you were told to be you feel guilt and shame. Not to mention the stress and overwhelm that comes from the endless to do lists, errands and other responsibilities.

The thing is this world asks you to be what it wants you to be and you are your own unique soul!

YOU are not broken!

You just need the space to remember who you are and the tools to stay in alignment with your soul. There is no one size fits all. You have your own blueprint and that blueprint is your ticket to less stress, less frustration, less guilt and less shame.

We are taking a select group of women looking to get it together and live a life they love on an 8 week journey to to do this work on a deep and intimate level inside of the Get it Together Mastermind.



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 Mastermind Kicks off March 18th!

We are offering a select group of beautiful souls the opportunity to work with us one on one. Each week we meet as a group to connect and grow together. Plus you get a new workbook, yoga session and meditation each week.

YOU are here for a reason and you will be an amazing addition to this group!

Ready to learn how live life your way? BREAKTHROUGH THE WALL WITHOUT OVERWHELM!

If you are looking for support, connection, practical tools, woo, spirituality and intuition you’re in the right place!

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**Connect to the Other women in the mastermind and get direct support

from Katie and Bridget each week in the Exclusive Facebook Group**

Meet Katie & Bridget

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Get it Together Mastermind Includes…

8 Weekly Coaching Calls with Katie & Bridget ($1920 value)

A Workbook for Each Weekly Theme – 8 Total ($352 value)

Weekly Yoga Session – 8 Total ($200 Value)

Weekly Meditations – 8 Total ($200 Value)

Energy Healing & Clearing with Katie ($125 Value)

Illuminations Oracle Card Deck & Illuminate Your Life Journal ($44 Value)

A Month Access to the Ahimsa Membership ($44 Value)

Access to Katie & Bridget in the Exclusive Facebook Group (Priceless)

Total Value $2,885

Your Investment $1,111

Payment Plans Available

Enroll by March 1st and get the Special Rate of $888!

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