Misunderstandings Of Letting Go

by Katie Bock

Misunderstandings of Letting Go

There is always something to let go of. Sometimes its small and sometimes its big. We are humans and we get attached so letting go is important, it frees us. There are some misunderstandings about letting go and this video is all about redefining what letting go means. Letting go is usually not simple, it can be, often it is a process. I know its nice to get immediate results but its not always so quick. I invite you to watch the video and learn a bit about the misunderstands of letting go…


This week I challenge you to just sit with yourself and explore if you have something to let go of. Maybe there is something you are unaware of or maybe you have been trying to let go of something or maybe you just set the intention. The challenge is to look at what you need to let go of or continue to let go of and start the process.

Shareable Quotes

“Letting go means we are trusting.”

-Katie Bock

“The important thing is not necessarily letting go; its to set the intention to let go.”

– Katie Bock

“Sometimes you aren’t ready to let go and that’s okay.”

– Katie Bock

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