Mommy and Me Yoga: Animal Sounds

by Katie Bock

Yoga with little ones can be so fun!  They are certainly squirmy no matter how exciting you make the yoga postures so don’t stress about keeping them still.  You will see in the video below that my little one doesn’t stay still for long.  It is great to start them young, yoga can have profound benefits for children as they get older.  A solid introduction can give them the tool to deal with stress and anxiety instead of bad behavior.  

In this video we pair up yoga postures with animal sounds.  We do cat, cow, and downward dog with some doggie kisses.  Three simple poses that even a one year old can do.  you can help them get into postures or lay them flat and do posture while they watch.  

The best part about mommy and me yoga is you get to give the children a great tool and experience plus you get some yoga stretches for yourself.  

Checkout the video its only 2 minutes and all will enjoy!


Katie Bell

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