Morning Rise Yoga

by Katie Bock

Morning Rise is to open up and stretch out from the often rough night of sleep and to start your day clear and focused with intention.  This one is great even if you’re not Pregnant.  This is a sequence I do every morning before I get out of bed, yes I’m serious.  No mat, it really allows me to be open for my day and my body to move freely.

Yoga Poses Used 

Child’s Pose- Lengthening the spine and opening the hips.  Time to connect with your breath and begin deeper breathing.  A great pose to begin or end your practice or break in between.

Downward Dog- This pose allows you to lengthen you spine further and the back muscle. Legs are also lengthened here.  Inhale pushing hips towards the sky to stretch the back and exhale your heels closer to the mat to lengthen the legs.   

Cat/Cow- Cat/Cow allows you to stretch out your back and neck muscles.  Which often take a hit during rest since sleeping in Pregnancy can be tough.  This is a great pose to open up.  This pose will also help stretch out the muscles on your sides.

Seated Twist- A gentle twist, not putting too much pressure on your core and allowing movement in your spine. And opening of the muscles along your sides.

Comfortable Seated Position- This is the time to connect with yourself and set an intention for your day.  Deepening your Breathe. 

Here is the Morning Rise Video

*Generally most OB/Midwife/Doulas will approve prenatal yoga for most pregnancies, however it is always good to check in first and get cleared for any physical activity.*

Get Stretched and Energized for Your Day!


Katie Bell

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