Organic vs Local vs Conventional: The Great Debate

by Katie Bock

Food and Nutrition are a huge debate around the world and Conventional vs Organic doesn’t fall far behind either.  Many say there is no added benefit to organic foods and others clearly see a higher nutrient level in organic foods.  Bottom line…who is right and who is wrong?   Well, no one has to be right or wrong because it is simply a matter of opinion.  There is studies done on both sides of this debate, however, I will admit I am on the side of Organic and Local Foods 100%.  

I have found that creating balance is important when it comes to healthy eating.  Most of the produce we purchase is local and if not local it is organic most of the time.  I also make choices based on the dirty dozen and clean fifteen. When it comes to any other food products, we always go Organic.  There are several reason I have chosen to ditch conventional for the most part and go Organic & Local. Here is why…

Ditching Conventional

There are two main reasons I chose to take most conventional foods out of our home. The first main reason is GMOs. There is no label requirement for GMOs which means any conventional produce/ food product purchased that is not labeled organic can have GMOs in it. Not sure what GMOs are?  Check out more info on GMOs here.  Although major companies claim there is no negative affect on humans, many believe otherwise and there are studies to prove that.  Search around and get more educated on food!  The second main reason is Pesticides. Tons of toxic chemicals are sprayed on produce every day and I personally do not want the toxins in my family’s body or my own.  Now there are a few items I will purchase conventional such as watermelon or avocados because pesticides are not likely to break through the outer shell.  Check out the EWG’s Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen for more on that.  

Why Buy Local

  • You can talk with your Farmer and know exactly where your food comes from and how it is grown.
  • Fresh Fresh Fresh…This is the freshest produce you will find because it is grown nearby and doesn’t have to travel long distances.
  • The Price- it is cheaper to buy from your local farm then to buy in the grocery store plus you are supporting the local economy.  
  • Most local farms do not use GMOs or Harsh chemicals.  Referring back to reason 1, you have the ability to ask!

Why Buy Organic

  • No GMOs
  • Reduced or no pesticides
  • No artificial chemicals or preservatives
  • Higher Nutrient Density
  • Organic Produce is given the time to grow at its natural speed, thus giving time for nutrients to form properly
  • No antibiotics

Yes at times organic can be more expensive, that is why I choose Local Foods for the most part.  However with that being said, the more we buy organic the more the prices will drop.  And there are now ways to eat healthier for Cheaper… A new found cheaper way to Eat Organic is Thrive Market, they have nonperishable foods and they deliver right to your doorstep.  All products are cheaper than the average grocery store prices.  They also list ingredients and values below each item, ensuring you are aware of exactly what you purchase.  Check out Thrive Market Here…

Conventional vs Local vs Organic

This debate is huge with varying viewpoints.  It will be a long time before people agree, so here is my suggestion.  Find what works best for you and your family.  When it comes to Health there is no price.  I would follow the dirty dozen and do your best to shop local and organic.  Don’t kill yourself trying to find the balance that fits you best.  While you are thinking check out this video about a Family who was hesitant to go Organic and the results when they did…

Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen Link


Katie Bell


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