Pause & Get Clear Yoga Sequence

by Katie Bock


Pause and Get Clear Yoga Sequence

Its easy to equate stepping into your power with taking action and quite often it might mean that. Sometimes though it means taking a pause so you can get clear. Instead of just taking action because you can, get clear so you take action that truly suits you in the moment.

Its important to cleanse out the heaviness that sits on your shoulders. The heaviness is usually appears in the form of judgement, expectation or limiting beliefs. When you take the time to cleanse and pause it becomes clear what you need and want. Then you increase your power 10 fold. Aligned action goes much further then just action.

In savasana I suggested repeating the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum. ‘Om’ is the primal sound of the universe and it brings you harmony. ‘Ma’ takes you away from the physical world and guides you toward your spiritual self. ‘Ni’ releases you from passion and desire, leaving you peaceful and content. ‘Pad’ frees you of prejudice encouraging love and acceptance. ‘Me’ releases possessiveness and ready to accept the world as it is. ‘Hum’ liberates you from hatred. Repeating this mantra helps you cleanse out the heaviness and step into clarity and connect with your soul.

Hang out in each pose for 10-15 breaths.

Child’s Pose – Bring Yourself Into the Moment

Puppy Pose – Get Centered

Thread the Needle – Twist Out Self-Doubt (Each Side)

Cat/Cow – Get Energy Flowing to Cleanse & Release the Clutter

Inhale for Cow and Exhale for Cat. Repeat 10-15 times

Seated Twist – Twist Out the Clutter (Each Side)

Bridge – Open Up to Unconditional Love & Acceptance to Receive

Full Body Stretch – Final Cleansing Stretch

Savasana -Pause & Receive the Guidance. Get Clear.

In savasana repeat Om Mani Padme Hum 10 times then rest listen to the guidance of your soul.


Katie B.


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