Power of Stillness – Why, When & How

by Katie Bock

Power of Stillness

When you think of stillness, what do you think? Nothingness, no movement… right? Stillness is so much more then that and actually there are several forms of stillness. Getting still is so important to our well-being but we often shy away from it because we think its too hard. I am here to tell you stillness doesn’t mean no movement and nothingness. It means slowing down and just being there for yourself. Stillness can be similar to mindfulness, however when getting still you don’t have to be aware of what you are thinking or feeling, you just are. Taking the time to get still has a huge impact on your daily life, it will reduce your stress and energize you. Getting still everyday helps you to continue doing your best!

Some Examples of Stillness

  • Coloring

  • Listen to Music

  • Fishing

  • Walking/Hiking

  • Meditation (Can Be Movement Meditation)

  • Yoga (Any type of yoga)

  • Watch TV or Movie

  • Breathing

  • Anything that allows you to slow down and just be there for yourself


This week I challenge you to 5 minutes of stillness everyday. If can be more of course but at least 5 minutes. Discover what brings you stillness and give yourself permission to do it. There is no one way to get still, it can be different everyday, just get still. Make the time everyday this week for at least 5 minutes, and experience the huge difference it makes!

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Shareable Quotes

“Stillness doesn’t mean nothingness.”

-Katie Bock

“Just be there for yourself.”

– Katie Bock

“Stillness allows you to recharge, refresh and energize”

– Katie Bock



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