Power of Yoga

by Katie Bock

Power of Yoga

Yoga has had such an impact on my life which is my I have made it my mission to service the world through sharing yoga. There are so many misconceptions about yoga and I want to break down a few of those myths and also share with you what yoga means to me. The practice of yoga is not just about physical movement yet if that is all you want from yoga that is okay. Yoga is defined by you the practitioner and that is a beautiful thing! In the last 11 years of my life yoga has be a constant tool and resource to discover my true self, get into alignment, maintain that alignment and feel gratitude and abundance. There is a power behind the practice of yoga and it is waiting for you to experience it!


This week I challenge you to explore yoga! Start a daily practice, discover more about yoga. Stop Making excuses or coming up with reason as why not and just start. And if you already have a yoga practice then dive deeper and explore parts o yoga you didn’t;t know existed. I am calling you to action! I want you to grab the 7 day free trail for the Aligned Mind Body Membership and deepen your yoga practice!

Shareable Quotes

“Yoga is a different experience every time you step on your mat.”

-Katie Bock

“You can begin yoga from wherever you are and grow from that place.”

– Katie Bock

“As a yoga teacher I am not there to tell you what to do or how to experience. I am there to guide you.”

– Katie Bock

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