Prenatal/Postnatal Strengthening Yoga

by Katie Bock

Prenatal/Postnatal Strengthening will be all about preparing the body for labor and recovering after.  Its nothing you cant handle though.  And still safe for pregnancy.  Here you will Strengthen legs and core muscles.  Without an intense workout.  Both are important for labor and post pregnancy recovery.  This is an empowering flow and I love to do it!  I have found during my pregnancy it is truly a game changer for my day when I practice yoga, even just mini sequences. 

Yoga Poses Used

Mountain Pose- Lengthening of the entire body.  Reaching for the sky and allow for opening.  Especially great for the muscles along your sides and lower back.

Chair Pose- Sitting in a pretend chair, really is a full body strengthener.  It take almost every muscle to keep you there.  It is a great way to prepare for labor.  

Warrior 1- Great for Leg Strengthening and stretching out the sides and your core.  

Warrior 2- Allows the hips to open while continuing to strengthen the legs. 

Triangle- Lengthening the side body while strengthening the legs.  This pose can also be heart opening and empowering.  Use a block here if needed to place bottom hand on.  This pose adds an element of balance as well so clear your mind and believe in yourself.  

Goddess- Ahh, one of my Favorites!  This is such an Empowering pose.  Here you are strengthening legs and core.  This is also a time you could throw those kegels in.  (Kegels: the exercise no one knows you’re doing)

Reverse Warrior- Continued strengthening of legs and core with an opening/stretch for your side body.

Downward Dog- This pose allows you to lengthen you spine further and the back muscle. Legs are also lengthened here.  Inhale pushing hips towards the sky to stretch the back and exhale your heels closer to the mat to lengthen the legs.   

Child’s Pose- Lengthening the spine and opening the hips.  Time to connect with your breath and begin deeper breathing.  A great pose to begin or end your practice or break in between.  

Here is a video of Prenatal/Postnatal Strengthening

*Generally most OB/Midwife/Doulas will approve prenatal yoga for most pregnancies, however it is always good to check in first and get cleared for any physical activity.*

Take a Deep Breathe and Keep Strengthening!


Katie Bell

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