Grounded Ambition Mala Bracelet


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Grounded Ambition Mala Bracelet

Revitalize your ambition with the grounded, supportive energy. Black onyx and goldstone work together to create a space where you feel energized confident and inspired. They open the door for you to step back into your ambitions. Black onyx brings calm protective energy. It absorbs and transmutes negative energy preventing the drain of personal energy while goldstone revitalizes your entire being. Goldstone is grounding with the ability to boost your creativity. The combination of these stones provides a vibration for you to move forward with your dreams, goals and intentions.


Some great mantras to use with the Grounded Ambition Bracelet are I am full of creative potential, My inspiration is all around me, I feel confident in my ability to make things happen, I am grounded and supported, I am ambitious and proud of it.


Made with Black Onyx & Goldstone.  Infused with Reiki.


All Jewelry from Earth Goddess Creations is infused with Reiki.   Katie sages all items and infuses with Reiki before shipping them out to you.