Breath of the Moon Mala Bracelet


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Breath of the Moon Mala Bracelet

Feel the healing breath of the lunar tides. The moon and water touch here and provide you with soothing peaceful energy. Aquamarine connects with the flow of the water and inspires an ease of breath. It calms the heart and clears the mind encouraging truth, trust and letting go. Peach moonstone connects to the divine feminine found in lunar energy stimulating intuition and inner strength. It calms the emotional body while protecting against negativity. Embrace the synchronicity in these stones as water meets lunar and you receive the cooling breath of moon and sea.

Some great mantras to use with the Breath of the Moon bracelet are I embrace the tides and phases of myself and life, I allow the soothing water and lunar vibrations to guide me toward ease, I feel calm, peace and strength.


Made with Aquamarine & Moonstone.  Infused with Reiki.


All Jewelry from Earth Goddess Creations is infused with Reiki.   Katie sages all items and infuses with Reiki before shipping them out to you.