Centered Vibration Bracelet


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Centered Vibration Bracelet

Be centered and calm.  This bracelet brings together two powerful stones to center you and heal all.  Amethyst is known as natures tranquilizer, calming mind, body and soul.  It helps us break bad habits and limiting beliefs while protecting against negative energies.  Blue Lace Agate heals our emotions by soothing and boosting our ability to communicate.  It brings inner stability and allows us to find a calm center.

Some great mantras to use with the Centered Vibration Bracelet are I am centered and calm, I will communicate what I feel, I am healing, I am stable.

Made with Amethyst & Blue Lace Agate. Infused with Reiki.

All Jewelry from Earth Goddess Creations is infused with Reiki.   Katie sages all items and infuses with Reiki before shipping them out to you.