Grounded Awareness


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Grounded Awareness

Connect and communicate with your spiritual side while staying grounded in the moment. Together these stones work to bring you clear communication with your highest self in the spiritual realm and your angels while feeling safe and grounded on this earth.  Angelite raises the state of conscious awareness and helps you connect to your higher self.  It fills you with compassion while transmuting pain and disorder into wholeness and healing.  Amethyst is a stone of tranquility and protection.  It purifies the aura, calms the mind and aids in connecting to spirit.  Hematite is a protective and grounding stone.  It helps absorb negative energy and calms stress while focusing your energy.  The grounded awareness bracelet helps you in creating a space to connect to spirit, angels and your higher self while feeling safe and grounded in this world.

Some great mantras to use with the grounded awareness bracelet are I communicate clearly with spirit, I am protected as I journey into the spirit realm, I raise my vibration through connection to my higher self.

Made with Angelite, Amethyst & Hematite. Infused with Reiki.

All Jewelry from Earth Goddess Creations is infused with Reiki.   Katie sages all items and infuses with Reiki before shipping them out to you.