Illuminations Mantra Oracle Deck


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Illuminations Mantra Oracle Deck


The Illuminations Mantra Affirmation Oracle Deck is one of a kind. It will help you receive and share wisdom, guidance and support everyday with mantra and affirmation messages. Using these cards will give you a sense of ease and clarity. Each card has a mantra or affirmation you can carry with you and a message for you plus ways to enhance the power of each mantra or affirmation.

Katie created this deck with love inspired by living an authentic and aligned life. Katie is an intuitive alignment guide. Her mission is to support you in living fearless, free and fulfilled. Learn more about Katie here

Each Deck has 56 cards (52 Mantra/Affirmation Cards, 4 Information Cards) and comes packaged in a box for safe keeping.

On the back of each card you will discover messages, yoga poses, essential oils and crystals to support you.