Om Calm Mala Bracelet


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Om Calm Mala Bracelet

Om your way to an untouchable calm. The Om Calm Bracelet made of Amethyst and Turquoise Magnesite soothes the entire being into a state of peace. Amethyst protects against negative energy, calms the mind and purifies the aura. It is known as natures tranquilizer. Turquoise Magnesite relaxes the mind and releases tension while promoting joy. It carries a soothing vibration. The Om charm symbolizes the unity of the universe.

Some great mantras to use with the Om Calm Bracelet are I am at peace, I release my tensions, I am one with the universe, Om.

Made with quality Amethyst and Turquoise Magnesite. Infused with Reiki.

All Jewelry from Earth Goddess Creations is infused with Reiki. Katie sages all items and infuses with Reiki before shipping them out to you.