Release BS Beliefs Yoga Sequence

by Katie Bock


Release BS Beliefs YOGA INFOGRAPH copy.png

What you belief comes from all different places. It doesn’t matter where is comes from, all the beliefs that are limiting you and blocking you from being yourself, you can release them and transform them. It may not be simple, it is possible though. And this practice is all about getting the body, mind and soul into a space for you to shift those limiting beliefs.

All the beliefs that limit you are BS because you have the power to shift them. Are you ready to totally transform your mindset?

Great! Let’s go then. Get out your mat, find a wall and move the body. This flow will open you up to a cleansing energy and a mindset for releasing the BS and empowering yourself.

Yoga Sequence

Mountain Pose – Get Grounded on a Foundation of Unconditional Love

Standing Forward Fold – Exhale Fold and Clearing Space

Half Lift – Open for Flow of Cleansing Energy

Standing Forward Fold– Honor Yourself and Your Journey

Mountain Pose– Reach High Connecting to Your Power

Repeat this Half Sun Salutation 3 Times.

Hang Out in Each of the Following Pose for 2-5 Minutes.

Legs Up the Wall – Focus on Your Breath & Release the BS

Tree at the Wall – Open Up to Growth & Transformation

Wall Swan – Feel the Flow of Clarity, Peace & Abundance

Goddess at the Wall – Acknowledge Your Power to Choose, Create & Believe

Legs Up the Wall- Breath in Peace as You Reset.

Affirm here….I believe in myself, I release all BS that blocks me, I believe in myself.

I Honor the Light & Shadow Within You,

Katie B.


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