A Mind, Body, Soul, Energy Healing Experience Like No Other.

Are You Stuck In Feelings Of?

Meh, Blah and Frustration
Fear, Powerlessness or Uncertainity
Mental Chaos, Little to No Peace or
Lack of Clarity, Vision or Purpose
Heaviness, Stress or Overwhelm
Lack of Inspiration, Motivation or Abundance

If you are nodding your head yes then a 1:1 session is your answer.  You will receive not only the energy healing needed but also space for mind, body and soul to integrate.  


Here’s what people are saying about 1:1 sessions with Katie

Leah Stout

Before the Mind Body Soul Session with Katie, I was feeling very confused and scared, uncertain and tense (the tension held physically in my neck). During the session, I was able to focus on my breath, the yoga asanas, and really calm my mind. As my mind calmed, clarity followed, along with compassion and love for myself. Slowly the tension dissolved, including the neck pain. Now focused and free, I was able to come back to myself. Like the sun’s reflection on the surface of the ocean, I was floating freely but with purpose, shining my light and sharing my warmth for all around me. Immediately after the session I felt a little punch-drunk; that energetic, happy, elated feeling that you know will gently dissolve into a peaceful steady calm. I made sure to rest, hydrate and recharge in the ways that are best for me. The next day, I can still feel that joyful steady calm and my mind is at peace. It was a beautiful offering that not only succeeded in its intended purpose, but far surpassed anything I could have imagined!

Katie’s session was very uplifting and energizing. She was good at focusing on what I needed and helping to give me clarity. I liked that the session included card readings, yoga and an energy clearing.

Laura Sharp

Cynthia Weatherbie

Katie is an incredibly gifted woman with very strong intuitive abilities which she applies in a creative, yet gently and loving manner. As an intuitive energy healer myself I rank her among the best of the many I have experienced. I highly recommend this session with Katie.

Meet Katie

Hi, I’m Katie!  I’m an intuitive spiritual guide and mindset coach.  I combine yoga, meditation, energy work and mindset tools to help you release your blocks, step into your power and open up to live your best life.  I support women on the journey to clarity, self-love and living a fulfilled life. 

I believe in living FearlessFree and Fulfilled. My mission is to help you discover Authentic Alignment and connect to universal Abundance.

There was a time when I was living in fear, stressed and overwhelmed then one step at a time I transformed my mindset and now I have learned to live fearless and free. All the tools I have learned through personal experience and trainings in yoga, meditation, health/life coaching, chakras and massage therapy give me the expertise to create this space for you.

Katie's Training

1:1 Session Menu

Find out what chakras are out of balance and need some love while stepping into your flow as you re-align your chakras and receive intuitive guidance.

This session is jammed packed with energy healing for the chakra system.  The combination of Crystal Reiki, Usui and Holy Fire Reiki makes this healing powerful and inspiring.

 Each Session Includes

  • Spirit Animal Connection
  • Chakra Reading with Intuitive Messages
  • Chakra Energy Healing for each individual chakra
  • Session PDF complete with all information and messages received

This is for someone who wants to understand whats going on in their chakra system, receive energy healing and messages from their higher self and guides.

Session Length: 60 Minutes

Investment: $111

A complete mind, body, soul experience designed to reset your entire being. This one on one experience is specifically made for you. No session will be the same as each session is created based on your needs in that day.

Each Session Includes

  • Card Reading with Messages
  • Personalized Yoga Practice
  • Personalized Meditation
  • Chakra Reading
  • Chakra Healing Session
  • Intuitive Message from your Chakra System, Soul and Guides
  • Mind Body Soul PDF with Session & Reading Details
  • Video Recording of Session including your personalized yoga and meditation
  • 1 week email/message support follwoing session


The combination of yoga, meditation, energy healing and intuitive messages makes the Mind Body Soul session a whole healing experience.

This session is for someone who wants a complete reset of mind, body and soul.  It is not just your average energy healing session.  You will receive deep healing work to move energy, clear blocks and heal.  The messages are full of guidance to support you as you move forward and to bring awareness to what you need.

Session Length: 90 – 120 Minutes

Session Investment: $333

Transform yourself and your life one chakra at a time.  

This 8 week 1:1 program will be designed for your specific needs and intentions.  

Your 1st session is a Mind Body Soul Session focused on discovering what’s happening in your chakra system and your intentions. 

The following 7 sessions will be created based on what comes up in the 1st session with the purpose of healing and embodying your intentions.

Sessions may include

  • Personalized Yoga
  • Personalized Meditation
  • EFT Tapping
  • Card Reading
  • Chakra Reading with Messages
  • Chakra Energy Healing
  • Crystal Reiki
  • Holy Fire Reiki
  • Coaching

A complete mind, body and soul, chakra healing experience. 

This is for someone who wants to transform their blocks and create a natural flowing state of being. The program is not just energy healing but a complete whole self transformation that inspires oneness.

  • 8 – 1:1 Sessions with Katie (1 Hour)
  • Email/Message Support for  12 Weeks (Continues 2 weeks after last session)

Investment – $2,222

*Payment plan option available

*$222 deposit required to hold your spot


Here’s what people are saying about 1:1 sessions with Katie

Rini York

The Mind Body Soul session was amazing and deeply nourishing. The card reading and Katie’s intuition was spot on. The affirmations were poignant and so relevant for what I have been going through. Then going through the yoga routine with her guided meditation that was made for me was truly magikal. I didn’t know what to expect from this Session, but Katie was so warm and intuitive, I felt truly seen and heard and nourished.

Before the session I was unsure of a lot of things, both myself and the “world”. I had had a lot of things I was aware of but wasn’t sure of myself in. From the very begining of the session when Katie was sharing my cards she was sharing cards that were so spot on and accurate to me and what I needed to hear I was honestly shocked; this is the first time something I had not shared with ANYONE not even my journal came up. Every single yoga move Katie had chosen was one of my personal “comfort” poses that always feel good no matter what and the way Katie says “let it go” I don’t know if it’s her tone or her energy but I do let ‘it’ go with the breath. By far the most amazing part was the meditation and energy clearing. In that same soothing and comforting way that she says let it go Katie guides you into a meditation. Once you are settled into your meditation Katie begins the energy healing, she addresses each chakra clearing what needs to be cleared; afterwards she asks if you want to hear what came through; again things there is no way she or ANYONE could have known the things that came through I had never shared anywhere or with anyone. I could physically feel the energy changing around me at one point I could feel electricity in my body — almost like the feeling of pins and needles from your arm falling asleep but more intense and different parts of the body were affected at different points, by far the most LIFE-CHANGING and eye opening. It is now two days later and I am feeling the same camlness and clarity I felt initially after and feel so empowered in myself. It is almost like my eyes are open and I am able to see the world in a new way. I feel open to everything that is coming my way and for the first time in a long time I feel secure in trusting myself. I cannot recommend mind, body, soul sessions and/with Katie enough.

Samantha Graham

Dawn Ferguson

I came to Katie feeling stuck in the struggle and it was wearing me down. This session is sooo powerful. I didn’t fully anticipate its power beforehand, but her combination of yoga, allowing me to vocalize and express what I was going through, the card pull, and then the energy healing—it was unlike anything I’d ever experienced, and it was next level. I felt cleared and connected after. I felt like I had clarity on what it was that was holding me back. And that clarity gave me soo many amazing action steps to continue the healing, post-session.

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