Simplest, Easiest Natural Face Wash

by Katie Bock

Some say you don’t need to wash your face and others say you do.  Bottom line I feel if there is dirt or make up on my face I need to wash it off.  When it comes to face wash, there can be some pretty toxic chemicals in them, Here is a list to look out for…Toxic Avoid List.  So how can you clean your face in the simplest, easiest and natural way?

I really was pretty comfortable with my current face wash doing my due diligence of making sure it was toxic free.  I was using Essante Organics Vitamin C Face Wash, it was cheap enough, lasted awhile and organic.  However I had a friend post in my Support Group-Empower, Transform, and Grow asking about a natural face wash because her skin is sensitive.  So I thought hey let me put together a DIY Recipe for her.  Basic recipe of Castile soap and coconut oil….

Check out the video to find out what happened…lol

Long story short, coconut oil sits on top of the Castile Liquid Soap and well hardens like coconut oils does.  I suppose I was not thinking clearly. 

So this lead me to the realization that whenever I wash my face with plain Coconut oil or Honey my skin feels and looks amazing!  So why can’t that be my everyday face wash?  I have no reason why not…

The Simplest, Easiest, Natural Face Wash is just Coconut Oil or Honey!  (I always recommend local honey, however if you have trouble finding some here is a great Honey option )  Who would have thought!  Hope you enjoy 🙂


Katie Bell

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