Simplify Everyday Mindfulness

by Katie Bock

Simplify Everyday Mindfulness

Becoming mindful can be so simple yet we often make it complicated! Mindfulness is truly powerful when it comes to reducing your stress. And it can be simple if you let it be. Starting small is the way to go. Teaching yourself how to be mindful in small ways will open the doors to everyday mindfulness that is simple and effective.

In the video I talk about the RAIN technique. This technique is a great way to get mindful when it comes to stressful moments or high anxiety.

The R.A.I.N. Technique

R- Recognize what you are feeling/thinking

A- Allow yourself to feel or think without judgment

I- Investigate further, ask questions

N- Natural Loving Awareness

Learn a little more about R.A.I.N. in the video below!


This week I challenge you to practice mindfulness. It can be taking a few deep breathes, just being aware while brushing your teeth or taking the time to investigate why you are feeling the way you do. You could do a body scan or a scan of the space your in, just becoming present in the moment. Little things help you to become mindful. Your challenge is to start small with mindfulness this week.

Shareable Quotes

“Mindfulness is truly powerful and it doesn’t have to be complicated.”

-Katie Bock

“It is small practices that create big changes.”

– Katie Bock

“Mindfulness is as simple as just becoming aware.”

– Katie Bock



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