Simplify Mindfulness with 3 Basic Principles

by Katie Bock

Simplify Mindfulness with 3 Basic Principles

Mindfulness is a powerful practice that sometimes just seems out of reach. So let’s simplify it! The practice of mindfulness has the ability to literally change your life because it helps you to know yourself. That means you can learn, grow and heal on your terms. That means life alignment, soul alignment become so much easier to achieve and maintain.

With these 3 basic principles you can practice mindfulness every single day with ease. The trick is be with yourself and stopping all the judgement. For real, there is nothing wrong with you and there is nothing to fix so stop, breath and get mindful. The hardest part about mindfulness is not understanding what it actually is. In reality its as simple as being with yourself. So what if you weren’t mindful every moment of the day. you can still make time to check in with yourself and get mindful.

Stop judging yourself and just be with yourself! Watch the video for 3 basic principle to help you get mindful and just be with yourself.


This week I challenge you to practice mindfulness every single day. Wake up set your intention to be mindful, reset your attention when you need to and be in the attitude of non-judgement.

Shareable Quotes

“Whatever you intend on for the day is where your energy is gonna go, its where your focus is gonna go, its gonna bring you into the mindset to do, create and be…”

-Katie Bock

“…you can learn about yourself, you can heal, you can grow and that’s really the power of mindfulness, being present and aware of yourself and whats going on with you today.”

– Katie Bock

“When you stand in that attitude of non-judgement it will make it simpler and easier to be mindful every single day. Because when your not judging your self and your accepting yourself it doesn’t seem so scary… ”

– Katie Bock

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