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Reconnect To Your Soul and Uplevel Your Life

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  • Release Fear, Stress & Overwhelm
  • Re-Energize Body, Mind & Soul
  • Discover Harmony Within
  • Learn my powerful tools to begin living life your way.
  • Connect with like-minded people
  • Learn how to create space for yourself to reset and access you inner power, intuition and abundance!
No Yoga or Meditation Experience Needed! 
Katie will teach you everything you need to know!

When asked why yoga is different with Katie, this is what people had to say….


It is inspirational yoga! We get to focus on aligning to our mind, body and soul while we work out – physically still.

Diane Bovalino

Strong themes and mind body connection that lasts beyond class.

Kim Driscoll

Amazing energy that welcomes the participant to engage in the level they feel comfortable with, without judgement. And Katie’s intuition is always on point!

Leah Stout

It’s Totally FREE, Plus

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What is the Soul Activation & Alignment Series?

When you participate in the Soul Activation & Alignment Series you will experience transformation.  We do powerful practices that connect you back to your self and soul that can be life changing.

We will use tools such as yoga, meditation and energy work to activate and align with your soul.  All content will be recorded and available for two weeks  and inside of the Aligned Life Membership after that.

Here’s what’s included…
  • Day 1 – Embodiment: Create Mindful Awareness 
  • Day 2 – Empowerment: Access Your Inner Power
  • Day 3 – Connecting To Your Intuition
  • Day 4 – Activate Freedom & Joy From Inside Out
  • Day 5 – Live Your Aligned Life
  • BONUS – Welcome Ceremony And Collective Card Reading
**Each days content will be no more then 30 minutes


Plus You’ll also get…
  • Entered into the Mind, Body, Soul Session Giveaway
  • All-access to content until for two weeks from sign up


“Katie intuitively meets each student wherever they happen to be on any given day. She has a sensitivity, even using virtual learning during covid, to support each student in an individualized way. Every level student has the opportunity to grow and learn about themselves with her teaching skills. Having the combination of knowledge, compassion and mindfulness makes the experience of her classes magically healing.”
Denise Lavery

Hi, I'm Katie!

I’m an intuitive spiritual guide and mindset coach.  I combine yoga, meditation, energy work and mindset tools to support women by guiding them back to themselves.  I believe a free and fulfilled life is accessible when you connect back to you, your soul, your power, and your intuition.  My mission is to support you as you re-discover yourself, your worth and ability to create a live that feels good.  I’m also the creator of the Illuminations Mantra Oracle Card Deck.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time will the LIVE Sessions Be?

There will be 2 live session on zoom both Sunday at 530pm EST. (5/1/22 & 5/8/22). These live sessions will be recorded and available inside the Soul Series portal.

How do I know if this is for me?

If you ever feel disconnected from yourself, lost in the chaos of life, unclear, stuck, block, overwhelmed...this is for you! This series is meant to guide you as you plug back into yourself rediscovering your power, wisdom and magic.

What if I have no yoga or meditation experience?

Everyone is welcome. No experience necessary. Each class will meet you where you are and Katie encourages you to embrace where you are.

When Will I get access to the Soul Activation & Alignment Series?

You get access to the prep section immediately this is meant to prepare you for the Soul Activation & Alignment Series. Starting May 1st content for each day will open up at midnight est.

How long do I get access?

Registrants get access for two weeks from May 1st to May 14th. After the two week period all Soul Activation & Alignment Series content will be available inside the Aligned Life Membership.

Questions about anything else email