Turn Your Stubbornness Into Determination, Why And How

by Katie Bock

Turn Your Stubbornness Into Determination,

Why And How

Your mindset is so powerful. When you sit in a mindset of stubbornness you are in the space of being stuck, yet if you sit in determination its an openness or willingness to transform as you need to. The difference is amazing. Just the words that define stubborn and determined give off a powerful energy. If you can take the time to discover why you are feeling stubborn and stuck then turn that into determination you will shift how you feel, you will lower your stress and you will propel yourself forward.


This week I challenge you to change your stubbornness into determination. Discover where you are stubborn and how you can shift your mindset into determination.

Shareable Quotes

“Determination is light, it feels good. When you are stubborn you are stuck.”

-Katie Bock

“If you can shift your stubbornness into determination, you will feel lighter, you will feel freer and you will clear the path.”

– Katie Bock

“Ultimately it is your choice to be stubborn or determined. What will you choose?”

– Katie Bock

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