The Self-Care You Forgot About…Boundaries

by Katie Bock

The Self-Care You Forgot About…Boundaries

Perhaps the most important form of self-care is to create boundaries. It can also be one of the hardest things to do because there is a chance you will disappoint someone else. The thing is you are the most important person and that does not make you selfish. You cannot truly do anything for anyone else until you take care of yourself. Boundaries allow you to create space that you choose. There a many different forms of boundaries as discussed in the video and you have the ability to set any one of them to take care of yourself. You matter and although it may be hard at first, boundaries will simplify your entire life all while loving yourself in an amazing way.


This week I challenge you to become aware, mindful of how you feel in certain situation or doing certain things and begin to write out what boundaries look like for you. Pull out a journal and write them down. And start to put those boundaries in place.

Shareable Quotes

“Boundaries can be the greatest form of self-care.”

-Katie Bock

“You must love yourself enough to set the boundaries, knowing that you may disappoint someone.”

– Katie Bock

“If you want to talk about less drama in life…less stress…less overwhelm…less fear. Create those boundaries and honor them.”

– Katie Bock

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