The Secret Magic You Use Everyday

by Katie Bock

The Secret Magic You Use Everyday

You are full of magic! Magic flows through you with every word you say and everything you do. The question is are you using white magic or black magic.

Magic is found through words, love, laughter and many other things. Sometimes you don’t even realize the magic you are using. And its time to become aware of the secret magic behind every word you use.

Part of taking care of yourself is understanding how certain words feel to you and learning when its time to choose a different word/s. What if you used your magic to empower yourself instead of putting yourself down?


This week I challenge you to bring awareness to the words you are using. Ask yourself what type of magic you are using and begin to shift the words you are using when you need to or when you want to.

Shareable Quotes

“There are certain words that have an energy that just pulls you down.”

-Katie Bock

“Of course we want to be traveling through the light and darkness within. The important part is to keep yourself empowered through your journey.”

– Katie Bock

Your words have power. Your words bring energy and magic to your life every single day. What kind of magic are you using?

– Katie Bock

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