The Secret to Expressing Yourself with Ease

by Katie Bock

The Secret to Expressing Yourself with Ease

Self-expression can be really hard. When we sit in the mind its easy to travel down the rabbit hole of should I , shouldn’t I, am I wrong. The real answer is not found in the mind but within the soul. Expressing yourself becomes a lot easier when you stand in total acceptance of yourself and detach yourself from expectation, judgement and specific outcomes. As humans we work with a brain that is wired to connect for survival and if we feel our connections are threaten we hold back our self expression. If you become mindful of this you can move step by step toward self-expression with ease. In the video I discuss how and why self-acceptance and non attachment bring an ease of expression.


This week I challenge you to become mindful of where you may not be accepting yourself and where are you attached. Become aware then figure out what you next step is to become accepting of yourself and non-attached. Take it step by step and experience an ease of expression.

Shareable Quotes

“Tapping into your authenticity and really getting to know yourself, helps you accept yourself because you have a deeper understanding of who you are.“

-Katie Bock

“When you accept yourself for who you are it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.”

– Katie Bock

“Its not your outer world that brings you things, its actually your inner world.”

– Katie Bock

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