The Power of Gratitude

by Katie Bock

Power of Gratitude

We talk about Gratitude around Thanksgiving and then we forget about it the rest of the year. Gratitude is a really powerful practice and its time to bring it into our everyday life! This practice brings joy and positivity back into life. It reminds us of how much we already have. It is not those who are joyful are full of gratitude, its those full of gratitude who find joy.

I know sometimes we feel like gratitude needs to be big but it doesn’t! It can be small. You can be grateful for fresh air to breathe…the sun shining…you favorite meal…a great hair day. It doesn’t matter what your grateful for just that you say I am grateful! Write it down, say it aloud, share it with others…just start a gratitude practice. I promise you will feel the difference in you. You will feel the stress lift from your shoulders and you will be able to breathe with ease.

I challenge you to Gratitude! Today, Tomorrow, the Next Day…


Katie B