Thoughts for Thursday: Declutter your Life

by Katie Bock

In our world today we walk through life with so much placed on our shoulders.  In every aspect of life we can feel cluttered.  Cluttered with thoughts, cluttered with choices, cluttered with physical possessions, cluttered with events….To feel free in life seems impossible with all the clutter.  Its time to let go of the clutter and free ourselves. 

When we hold on to the clutter of life we close ourselves from new possibilities, from beauty in life because there is just no space for anything else. 

Allowing our thoughts to clutter our minds keeps us from being present and embracing each moment.  We end up miss out on our life experiences.  Free your mind!

Becoming obsessed with making the “right” choice stops us from learning and experiencing what life has to offer.  Any choice is the “right” choice in that moment as long as you made it for you.  Simply make the choice!

The overload of physical/material things leaves us cluttered not only in a living space it also blocks us from creating space in our body, mind, and spirit.  Walking into an area with no space and things laying everywhere creates this negative energy within, forcing us to look down upon ourselves.  Let go of the unnecessary things, clear out the clutter!

Giving away all of our time leaves us feeling overwhelmed and with no space for our self-care or even those we love.  Self-care is one of the most important aspects of health, we truly cannot take care of anyone or anything if we do not take care of ourselves.  Grow into your Power to say No, embrace the ability to create time for the things you love in life!

Often in life we feel lost and no idea where is up…up is clearing space…up is letting go…up is creating freedom in your life!  Move on up!  The tighter we grasp, the less likely we are to be free.  Think of it like this, tightrope walker can only grasp the swinging bar for so long before their hand swill slip off.  Instead they must trust that the next bar will come and let go to move forward and up to the next bar.  This is what we must do, let go of the clutter in life so we can fly freely to the next phase…


Katie Bell


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