Thoughts for Thursday: Holiday Overwhelm

by Katie Bock

The holidays can be a crazy time…so much to do with so little time.  Overwhelm comes quickly this time of year.  Trying to find the perfect gift, parties here and there, baking and cooking.  How do we let the overwhelm go?  We let it go by remembering…

Remembering what this season is about.  Its not about craziness, gifts, or cookies.  This season is about love, gratitude, and spending time with friends and family.  So when that overwhelm hits you and you feel the weight pushing down, take a step back.  Take a deep breath and remember what this time of year brings.  Joy, gratitude and love. 

Release the overwhelm.  Look all you have to do and let go of what can wait.  Stop trying to find the perfect gift or make a bzillion Christmas cookies or attend every holiday gathering.  Just do what is most important.  Feel the love, the joy and the gratitude of the season.  Let the weight fall away.


Katie Bell


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