Thoughts for Thursday: Intentions not Resoulutions

by Katie Bock

As the New Year approaches we all get ready to set resolutions for the year, resolutions for things we feel need to change.  although we set these resolutions its rare we actually “accomplish”  what we set out to.  Why is that?  It because resolutions place pressure on us.  

The definition of resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something, the action of solving.  Right there in those words lies the reason resolutions often fail, solving a problem.  We are human beings and there is nothing wrong with us, we need to remember that.  We don’t need resolutions.  When we feel the need for change in life set an intention.  so instead of saying my resolution is to lose weight, say my intention is to create a healthier life for myself. its all about the wording and how you feel when you say it.  

The definition of intention an aim or a plan, healing a wound.  With an intention we are aiming towards something not fixing a problem.  We don’t need to fix anything we are learning and growing in life.  if we feel the need to change aim for, plan for, create you intention and give it strength.  Embrace change just remember there is nothing to be fixed just transformed.  


Katie Bell 


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