It’s Time To Get Out There And Play!

by Katie Bock

It’s Time To Get Out There And Play!

Play is so important! There is a myth out there that we have to work hard and struggle to enjoy life. Simple said that is not true! You can enjoy life just because. When we play we lower stress/anxiety and we actually boost our immunity. Doing the things you enjoy in life, playing, is powerful. Look at children, when they play they are full of joy no concern in the world. And while your play may look different then a child’s play it still has a huge impact on your life. Get out there and play! You deserve it and it will feel so good. Remember there is no definitive way to play, its whatever you enjoy doing and can do without worry.


This week I challenge you to remember what you enjoy. Release the need to be serious and play. Look in the mirror and affirm “I Allow Myself To Play.” Give yourself permission to play and then write down 5 things you can do to play that are simple and easy. And commit to doing something everyday to play, to enjoy your life!

Shareable Quotes

“Working Hard Is A Myth. You Can Enjoy Life.”

-Katie Bock

“When we push ourselves to work hard, we forget how fun life can be..”

– Katie Bock

“You are worthy of play.”

– Katie Bock



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