Top Toxins Found in Everyday Products

by Katie Bock

It is terrifying to learn the amount of toxic chemicals in the products we use every day!  They are found on shampoo, conditioner, make up, toothpaste, face wash, hand soap, body lotion, baby products, and the list continues…I have compiled a list of what you want to avoid in your daily care products.  Before I get into the list of toxins to avoid I want to mention, there is no definition for natural so when it says natural it does not always mean it is natural.  Check the ingredients!  Hypoallergenic means it has been tested and the majority had no issue, with that being said there is no solid definition.  So check the ingredients!
Avoid these!

  • FRAGRANCE – This word is used to mask many other toxic ingredients, that have negative effects
  • ALUMINUM – Carcinogenic and Toxic…usually found in deodorants, some make-up
  • COAL TAR – FD&C BLUE 1, FD&C GREEN 3 – Tooth care products, shampoos, anti-itch creams
  • TRICLOSAN – Carcinogenic
  • MINERAL OILS – Coats the skin making it unable to breathe
  • PARABENS – METHYL-,ETHYL-,PROPYL,BUTYL,ISOBUTYL-….Can cause damage to internal organs, Hormone Disruptor
  • PEG- PROPYLENE –BUTYLENE GYCOL- ETHYLENE GLYCOL….Actually found in Anti-Freeze! Crazy I know! (Higher the number next to PEG the worse it is for you) – skin irritant, liver/kidney issues
  • PHTHALATES – Can be hidden under FRAGRANCE, banned by European Union
  • TALC – found in make-up, baby products, deodorant
  • CARBOMER (934,940,941,960,961C) – causes eye irritation
  • PARABENS & PHENOXYETHANOLS – hormone disruptors, can damage Liver & Kidneys
  • SLS –SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE – SODIUM LAURYL ETHER SULFATE – AMMONIUM LAURYL SULFATE – There are different opinions on these, Some say they are bad and others say they are not

Okay, now is the time to check out what you use every day.  Look at the ingredient lists and you decide what kind of Products you want to use!

I compiled this list from my research over the past year, jotting down things here and there.  If you think I am missing something on the list please email me and I will look into it

Printable Toxic Avoid List

My Non-Toxic Alternatives will be posted soon, look out for it!


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