Very Veggie Salad

by Katie Bock

I absolutely love this Salad, probably my favorite or all!  Eating the rainbow is so important to our health.  Eating a variety of colors ensures we get all the nutrients we need.  We have a local farm that makes a salad like this and oh I just love to get it when we go there!  So here it is…

What you Need

  • Spinach

  • Romaine or Field Greens

  • Yellow & Red Pepper

  • Tomato

  • Broccoli

  • Cucumber

  • Red/Purple Onion

How to make…

Chop it up and throw it together!  Simple and Easy!  To make one salad for myself I use a…

Handful of Spinach and a handful of Romaine.  Two of three slices of each Yellow & Red Peppers.  Half of a plum tomato in large dices.  A half head of broccoli cut up into pieces.  Three or four slices of cucumber cut into fours.  And about five thin onion slices cut it quarters.  Dress it with anything or nothing, it is great either way!

Okay, Now get Chopping!  Eat the Rainbow!


Katie Bell

PS I Absolutely Love these Bamboo Cutting Boards!


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