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Blend & Bracelet

Earth Healing – Grounded Transformation Duo Feel stable and strong through the transformations of life, through the combination of essential oils and stones in this Earth Healing duo.

Your Grounded Transformation bracelet – Lava Rock, White Onyx, African Turquoise

Lava rock is a grounding stone.  It inspires calm and stability as you flow with life.  White Onyx strengthens the mind and brings motivation. It clears anxiety and purifies negative energy.  African Turquoise is a stone of transformation that guides you through growth.  It brings a boost of energy that renews the spirit.  These stones create an energy for you to flow with life and transform with ease. 

Your Earth Healing roller bottle – 5 ml – Copiaba the oil of Unveiling, Turmeric the oil of Transformation, Bergamot the oil of Self-Acceptance, Geranium the oil of Love & Trust, Lemongrass the oil of Cleansing, Melissa the oil of Light come together to cleanse the unwanted, support you through self-examination and realization of your higher purpose, reawakening enthusiasm and connection with the spiritual.

Some great mantras to use with the Grounded Transformation Bracelet and Earth Healing blend are:

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