What does holding space mean and how to do it with Nicole Shackelford

by Katie Bock

Have you ever wondered what holding space even means? Or perhaps someone said safe space but it didn’t make sense. In today’s episode Katie and Nicole explore what it means to hold space plus they share how held space has impacted their healing journeys. To be in held space can be powerful and profound. Its all about being with and that’s it! Press play to learn more about holding space.


Additional Resources

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  • Be With Organization – Follow Nicole on Instagram or Facebook (@be_withcommunity)
  • Yamas & Niyamas Exploration – A 10-week deep dive into yoga philosophy, the foundational elements of resilience


Action Step:

Recite the Brave Space poem aloud to yourself. If can be so powerful to say the words and hear them at the same time, it invokes the energy of Brave Space! We wanna know how it felt for you to recite the poem, tag us on Facebook or Instagram and let us know!  (@katiebockyoga @be_withcommunity)


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