Why Embodiment Is Essential To Healing And Transformation with Nicole Shackelford

by Katie Bock

Have you ever felt like you tried everything to heal and you are still stuck in the same patterns? Or maybe you don’t know what to do next? Embodiment is an essential tool to healing and transformation that not everyone knows about. All the wounds, beliefs, traumas live in your body which means you have to get in your body to release them. There is a difference between logically understanding what blocks you and actually healing and transforming the block. In this episode Katie and Nicole introduce you to embodiment. They discuss how you can get embodied, why you want to and they share some personal stories about embodiment. 


Additional Resources

  • Questions about Embodiment? Reach out On Social Media or by email katie@etgyoga.com or thebuzz@bwith.org)
  • Be With Organization – Follow Nicole on Instagram or Facebook (@be_withcommunity)
  • Yamas & Niyamas Exploration – A 10-week deep dive into yoga philosophy, the foundational elements of resilience


Action Step:

Practice a 2-minute pause daily to check in with your breath and body.  Holding you accountable and asking you to share your 2-minute pause with us, tag us in a post or story on social media and let us know you are giving the 2-minute pause a try! (@katiebockyoga @be_withcommunity)


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