Why Perfectionism Is Killing your Soul

by Katie Bock

Why Perfectionism Is Killing Your Soul

You have a unique light to shine that the world needs. Its too often perfection stops the flow of who you are. Striving for perfection is locking away your soul and creating a cycle of fear, disappointment, stress and overwhelm. If you can step out of the space where you need to be perfect you will set yourself free and you will feel amazing! As a recovering perfectionist I can truly say from experience, perfection is not needed. It won’t bring you freedom or joy. Freedom and joy come when you step into who you are and choose to do what feels good not what is “perfect”. Perfectionism is killing your soul! Take a breathe a free your soul! Be you allowing each and every unique part of you shine!


This week I challenge you to look at your life and notice where you are striving for perfection. Take a step back, breathe and be who you are without the need to be perfect. Let it go and let it flow. Use mantras and remind yourself you are enough, you are worthy. And breathe through the need for perfectionism.

Shareable Quotes

“If everything was perfect, don’t you think the world would be quite boring.”

-Katie Bock

“Our imperfections help create who we are.”

– Katie Bock

“You don’t need to be perfect. You just need to be you.”

– Katie Bock

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