Yin Yang Yoga Sequence

by Katie Bock



You are made of several parts, as am I. These parts fit together like a puzzle and become one when you allow them to. Yin and Yang are opposites, two sides of the same coin. Both yin and yang live within you and just like we need both action and rest to stay healthy we need both yin and yang. Harmony comes when we choose to embrace all parts of the self, darkness with the light. Acceptance leads to balance and harmony.

This Yoga sequence pulls together yin and yang through movement, breath and rest, relaxation. You begin with a flowing sun salutation tapping into yang energy, this is the first 6 poses. Then you go into the slow down, looking within yin energy, this is the last 5 poses. Let your breath guide the way into harmony.

Mountain Pose – Inhale, Exhale, Inhale (Get Grounded)

Standing Forward Fold – Exhale, Inhale, Exhale (Moving Prana/Life Force)

Half Lift – Inhale, Exhale (Lengthen with Action)

Plank Pose – Inhale, Exhale, Inhale (Flow of Power)

Cobra – Inhale (Breath Into the Heart Space)

Downward Dog – Exhale and Hold 3 for Breaths (Embracing the Flow of Yang Energy)

Repeat 3 times (Sun Salutation)

Puppy Pose – 15 to 20 Deep Breaths (Slowing Down and Turning Within)

Child’s Pose – 15 to 20 Deep Breaths (Honoring All Parts of Yourself)

Supported Bridge Pose (with block or blanket) – 15 to 20 Breaths (Breath Into the Heart Space)

Reclined Bound Angle – 15 to 20 Breaths (Embracing the Flow of Yin Energy)

Legs Up the Wall – 15 to 20 Breaths (Resting in Harmony)


Katie B.


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